Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flipped Off

Blog by S. English

I’m a long-time supporter of the video recorder called FLIP. I own four of them. I use them when I travel, I use them for inner-communications at my company, I use them for book reviews, I even use them at my daughter’s soccer games. So, when I found out they will no longer be made I was saddened. The FLIP is an amazing quality product and I wonder what will replace it. I have the Kodak version that allows me to plug in a video recorder, but the video quality itself is nowhere near as good as my FLIP.

So we here at COS will use our FLIPs until they die and then we’ll move on to perhaps ipads! Hey! I can wish!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Google Video Closes, Long Live YouTube

Blog by S. English

I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by the news that Google Video is closing and perhaps not everyone is surprised. Google acquired YouTube several years ago and there really was no need to have both.

Google has done an amazing job making YouTube such a success and a money maker. Putting all efforts into the positive cash flow of YouTube is a wise choice. And though we are always sad to see any of our platforms close we are very interested to see if our YouTube numbers will rise and what will happen to the SEO of our videos with this change.