Monday, October 11, 2010

Comic Con NY 2010, coming to a close.

Comic Con NY 2010 Winds Down and COS Productions Walks Away Thrilled with the Con!
Over 10,000 people walked through NY Comic Con on Saturday and today is "Kids Day" where children 12 and under get in free. So, it's packed and things are still in full swing.
Major stops for COS today included the Del Rey booth where we were invited to stop by, the booth, DC Comics booth and a quick stop to see Michael Uslan who we met a couple of weeks ago in Cincinnati.
The amount of video played at this Comic Con has been staggering. It's obviously a pull to audiences who seem attraced to video like it's a tractor beam.  Many booths have video playing and it was great to see some our clients benefit from that opportunity.
Ed English, host of Behind the Mask 
CEO Sheila English spoke at length to actor Christopher Judge of Stargate SG1 fame regarding some voice over work and the two will be talking after the con to nail down details. "Chris has an amazing voice!" says English. "We've seen an increase in trailers with voice over and having such a comanding voice in tandem to great acting will enhance those videos."
Of course there's always the fun aspect of the event such as celebrity sightings and meetings, hearing about new shows and movies and getting free books.  The entire event was a blast and COS has been able to make some fantastic connections as well as promote the new Behind the Mask radio show.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CoS at NY Comic Con!

Free books, celebrities, great costumes and games merge 
in this years NY Comic Con and COS is there!
COS Productions is expanding into motion graphics and met with several publishers during Comic Con this year. Highlighting the new Behind The Mask radio show Sheila Clover English, COS CEO spent the day walking around NY Comic Con and meeting increible people.
"I saw Adrien Brody and Eric Bana and my friend Barbara Vey of  Publisher's Weekly got to interview Stan Lee!" says English. "It's been very exciting!" In addition to spending time with Barbara Vey, Sheila ran into author Dianna Love at the Sherrilyn Kenyon booth where she received some amazing gifts given out to the press. 
COS Productions recently released a book video for Anne Elizabeth's graphic novel, Pulse of Power which is one of many motion graphic book videos COS has created and will be creating in the future.
The future of comic motion graphics has incredible potential and COS continues to create relationships with publishers and distribuors of comics and graphic novels.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Circle of Seven Productions Takes to the Big Apple for the Vimeo Festival

This weekend Vimeo, a top video community, opens up their first annual festival and awards show and COS is there to learn, share and have fun!

COS Productions CEO Sheila Clover English attended the festival which opened with a comedy skit about the state of the internet. The community of filmmakers and social media experts laughed, bonded and made new friends right away.

The first session was called Digi Boot Camp put on by a company called "Shooting People". They discussed everything from transmedia to social marketing with video, new platforms and venues.

Next up was a Tip & Tricks for Vimeo session where Sheila found some great tips on how to get more views and more quality views to the COS profile on Vimeo. She spoke with Vimeo execs about a potential contract with Vimeo and further discussions are slated for next week.

The final two sessions were informative, cutting edge and facinating. Digital Rights was discussed by the Vimeo attorney, the creator of "Creative Commons" and a cutting edge remix artist. The long and short of the discussion was that courts continue to try to control the re-utilization of material, but that the laws are so strict they have become un-enforceable.

The final session was on TransMedia which is, in the opinion of Ms. English, is the wave of the future for all entertainment industries, including books. Delivering an entertainment experience across platforms encourages participation and a more involved experince with audiences.

For those following on Twitter you can find out more by searching for #vimeofest.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Social Media in Review-

This site is hit or miss, but we distribute to it especially if we have something that is humorous in nature. Viral videos do well here and the community is pretty active. There’s not a lot of marketing/commercial material that I’ve found overrunning the site like some we have distributed to in the past.

They don’t post who their target audience of viewers is or any other analytics, but my best guess would be that this site has a very similar audience to; primarily male 18-34. 

Given that, we get a lot of views on this site. The normal book video will get approximately 2000-3500 views per video. So it is a good site to use if you’re uploading book trailers.