Tuesday, September 27, 2011

COS Editor Mike Miller: In the Spotlight!

Michael E. Miller is a senior editor, technical advisor and consultant for Circle of Seven Productions. Michael is one of the founding members of Circle of Seven Productions. He was the Director of Photography, Visual Effects Supervisor and Editor of the very first official Book Trailer – “Dark Symphony” for Christine Feehan. Since then, he has produced hundreds of trailers and teasers for COS and won several awards for his work.

Although Michael remains an integral part of COS, he started his own company - Digital Realm Productions, in 2007 so he could offer his visual effects services to others.

Michael holds a degree in electronics, specializing in video. He custom builds all of the workstations used in his studio. He is also a musician and has written scores for several of the trailers he has worked on.

Michael is a member of the International Academy of Visual Arts.

Mike has worked on some our top winning videos such as Hush, Hush, Zombies Vs. Unicorns, The Price, This World We Live In and many others. Mike has won more awards for book video editing than any other editor in the United States.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chief Financial Officer Ed English: COS Spotlight

Ed is probably best known for his participation in the RT Booklovers Convention where he represents COS at our official booth, runs videos during the event and is a favorite with many authors and readers due to his ability socialize. And, he’s a really great dancer!

Ed attended began working with COS in 2005 when he worked at an RT and then, later, started editing. He and CEO, Sheila Clover married in June of 2005 which explains the new name, Sheila Clover English.

Ed started doing the COS bookkeeping in 2008 and became the official Chief Financial Officer in 2009.

After obtaining his 4-year degree Ed went into network security. He worked on computer networking, security and administration for over 12 years, 4 as a manger. In college he worked behind the scenes with lighting and sound for stage productions. He also did some acting, which he pursued later in life, being on several regional television commercials.

Ed began working on Reader’s Entertainment Radio with his hit show Behind the Mask, a show about comics, graphic novels, manga and popular culture in 2010. The show has a following of 80,000. He attends ComicCons and enjoys his Thursday shows.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Editor, Account Manager and VP Victoria Fraasa: COS Spotlight

Victoria jointed COS in 2004 with her debut book trailer Dead on the Dance Floor by Heather Graham. Since then Victoria has worked on book video projects for bestselling authors such as Christine Feehan, Lisa Jackson and many others.

Victoria has had an integral role at COS and moved up to become the Vice President of the company. She takes an active role as VP and is an Account Manager dealing directly with publishers. Victoria attends many conventions for COS including Book Expo America, RT Booklovers and many smaller venues.

The daughter of a Spaniard/Filipino father and American mother, Victoria grew up in Miami, Florida. After graduating from Florida State University she worked in New York City for the next ten years in various film industry jobs including a camera woman for CNN, film stage manager, and producer of music videos and commercials. After years of successfully producing high end music videos and commercials, she turned her efforts to developing and directing short films. Her first short film "Breathless" was accepted in 1998 by the Independent Film Projects' Independent Feature Film Market. Her next film, "Maria of the Flowers" was awarded first place in "Collaboration…A Short Film Contest" held in Miami. The film premiered in London at the BBC British Short Film Festival and has been accepted at several Hispanic Festival across the United States. Victoria, with her cinematographer husband Steve Fraasa, is owner of Fraasa Films, Inc. which produces and directs infomercial's, commercials and short films for the book industry. Victoria is currently working in both Los Angeles and Florida as a director.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Distribution Manager H. Wayne Miller: COS Spotlight

We are pretty sure Wayne has always worked for COS even before there was a COS. He is like the anchor that keeps the company grounded and sure. Wayne started doing video distribution in 2005 back in the day when MySpace was the biggest social media site around. Remember those days? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Then YouTube and Facebook hit the scene and the quiet land of COS-Video-Distribution took flight and has grown into the great online metropolis it is today. In 2005 Wayne uploaded videos to 10 sites and it was a big sales point to clients. Now, he has amassed a sizable collection of online distribution sites (350 and growing!) in which he oversees. He was, for the first two years, THE distribution department. Now, the distribution department is made of a staff of six, including Wayne.

Wayne is a successful musician.
Here he is playing at Gilley's in the 80's
Wayne has great passion for what he does. He takes personal interest in every video he uploads. He can tell you what sites are good for which genres and what sites are just plain crummy to use and why. Wayne works full time for COS.

A little-known fact about Wayne is that he looks suspiciously similar to the CEO of Circle of Seven, Sheila English. Could be they are related. At least that’s what her birth certificate says.