Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Awesome Series

Introducing a new series by NYT bestselling author Christina Dodd, Bella Terra the Deception Series.  Set in  California wine country an area the author loves to visit, you'll be introduced to the Di Luca family and their winery, Bella Terra. From the entrance gate Bella Terra is everything you would imagine a Napa Valley vineyard to be. With tangles of grape vines, roping for miles as it circles the winery. A world class restaurant, and resort.

Beneath surface however, lie old secrets.

Secrets have a way of not staying hidden, and those that are harbored within Bella Terra are surfacing will bring a trail of evil.

The first novel, Secrets of Bella Terra introduced the Di Luca family, the matriarch Sarah Di Luca who knows that the present generation may have to pay for the sins of the past. The three Di Luca sons, handsome, independent, and each harboring their own demons. Rafe the middle son is successful in his own right, and when ex-flame comes back to Bella Terra when grandmother Sarah is attacked, all the old feelings slam into his heart like an earthquake. They were young, in love, in passion, until his demons drove her away, leaving her feeling betrayed and heartbroken. His past, ghosts of Bella Terra's past, a priceless pink diamond, and an exclusive bottle of wine stand between them.

Revenge at Bella Terra continues the Di Luca family saga. Chloe was an author that burst onto the bestseller list with her first book. Now, she is struggling to write a second book that will be as good. Coming to the wine country to find seclusion and write, she is drawn to Eli Di Luca and his engrossing tales of the Bella Terra's secret and violent past.
Her heart  spins out of control for Eli, but the secrets of his own past will tear them apart. As the secrets unfold, danger and vengeance lay in wait, and she must trust this man of secrets who has broken her heart or she may never not survive.

Betrayal brings Noah DiLuca full circle from the sweet memories of a first summer love to her reappearance at Bella Terra nine years later. He walked away from her once, although she never knew he had to leave to save her. As their passion rekindles, will they embrace their hearts desires or will the same dark secrets that drove them apart, come back to end not only their love by their very lives?