Monday, February 03, 2014

New Year Message from COS Productions CEO Sheila Clover English

We've been creating book video since 2001 and trademarked the term "book trailer" soon after.  But, we've expanded according to the needs of our clients to include more marketing, greater distribution and a thoughtful approach to what is needed for a book, series, author or campaign.

We've spent years asking you what works for you, what you need and what you'd like to see offered and all these years we've listened, responded and created.  We've never been a business that just delivers what we want you to want, we look to be part of your team and deliver what you need.

I've seen similar companies, offering video, then morphing to offer distribution and marketing, come and go.  Companies think authors and publishers have these deep pockets and will part with money on the promise of some slick deal that rarely lives up to expectations.  They burn bright and get a lot of attention, but soon they are gone and no one remembers them.  But, COS has been an ongoing part of the publishing industry for over ten years working with everyone from National Geographic to Random House to individual authors and beyond. 

We create assets and part of that includes video.  Video is a powerful tool.  But, we also create book blogs, podcasts and other assets.  We distribute video using a sophisticated program created for and by COS Productions.  No one has this proprietary program but COS.  We also provide services, not just assets. We've expanded, continue to expand both in what we offer and where we offer it.

We are always looking to improve.  Technology changes, social media landscapes change, reader expectations change, opportunities change.  Some come and some go, but the one constant is change.  We keep a vigilant eye on what's going on with reader communities, technology and opportunities to merge those two.  We look toward honest conversations and creating relationships instead of a constant one-way beacon delivering a message.

This year we are looking to continue that growth and become a support system to others in this field.  We want to help publicists, agents, media agencies and author assistants make an impact, make a difference, deliver a message and create relationships all while marketing.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, need a long term solution or short term help, contact us. We're here for you.  

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