Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Buys Motorola: Are you making your Droid App yet?

COS sent Chief of Technology Jacob Henderson to Google I/O this year to find out what’s on the horizon for Google and see how that might fit into what we do as a company.

Google TV has been updated and Reader’s Entertainment and News site looks beautiful on the big screen! Google’s strategy to reach every screen size is not surprising and their push to the Android app has been assertive. Droid apps work with Google TV and those using the Google app will be in for a big treat when the amount of interactivity is finally known.

The big news this week is Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars. It’s a step closer to providing the whole experience, much like Apple does.

Shares of Motorola Mobility jumped 59 percent on Monday. No shock there.

Motorola Mobility focuses on smartphone and TV set-top boxes.

Obviously the Droid technology is already being used by other mobile platforms, but for Google to actually purchase hardware I wonder if it’s so much the mobile technology they are focused on or the box-top technology. With Google TV being of obvious importance to Google, having the box-top tv technology seems to make sense.

Google has always been one to keep strategy quiet until just the right time. Though books and book sales are probably not a main focus in all of this, at some point it will be a part of the mix. More platforms, more venues and more book sales. Apple and Amazon have got to be watching this and wondering, “What next?” If they aren’t, then Google has, in my opinion, already won.