Saturday, February 16, 2008

Amazon/Connect connects authors, video and readers!

It's the big news of the week. used to charge over $2000 to put a video on their site. Now, an author can upload their video for free to their Amazon/Connect account.
This is a huge deal for authors who utilize video. The ease of "impulse buys" right there at Amazon makes that placement golden.
COS Productions did an industry report on video yesterday. You can see it on the COS YouTube site.

Many authors are asking how to upload the video and even more are asking how to get onto Amazon/Connect. Circle of Seven Productions has put together a step by step guide for doing both.

You can find a pdf form with instructions - HERE

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Justina said...

Thank you so much for *GENEROUSLY* sharing this info with authors. I'm going to attempt to overcome my technical lameness and upload my YouTube videos of an Olympic Gold medalist snowboarder, Hannah Teter reading from my novel, GIRL OVERBOARD, now.

~justina chen headley