Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chief Financial Officer Ed English: COS Spotlight

Ed is probably best known for his participation in the RT Booklovers Convention where he represents COS at our official booth, runs videos during the event and is a favorite with many authors and readers due to his ability socialize. And, he’s a really great dancer!

Ed attended began working with COS in 2005 when he worked at an RT and then, later, started editing. He and CEO, Sheila Clover married in June of 2005 which explains the new name, Sheila Clover English.

Ed started doing the COS bookkeeping in 2008 and became the official Chief Financial Officer in 2009.

After obtaining his 4-year degree Ed went into network security. He worked on computer networking, security and administration for over 12 years, 4 as a manger. In college he worked behind the scenes with lighting and sound for stage productions. He also did some acting, which he pursued later in life, being on several regional television commercials.

Ed began working on Reader’s Entertainment Radio with his hit show Behind the Mask, a show about comics, graphic novels, manga and popular culture in 2010. The show has a following of 80,000. He attends ComicCons and enjoys his Thursday shows.

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