Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Senior Editor Brenda Urquhart: COS Spotlight

Brenda Urquhart began working with COS in 2002, and has since completed over 150 book trailers. Highly creative, and an excellent collaborator, she loves her work and pays close attention to detail so as to convey the author's voice. Brenda creates character and story driven videos that capture the style and mood of each book.

We consider Brenda our “secret weapon”. Everything she does is brilliant and she is always evolving her craft, bringing a freshness to her projects both in creativity and visually. We have no idea where she gets her great ideas, but they never seem to run out.

Based out of Colorado Springs, CO. With over fifteen years in the entertainment business, she has amassed on-set experience in the production department on several feature films, documentaries, commercials and television projects.

Brenda has worked with numerous bestselling authors and with many of our high-level clients. She has many book videos that I love but I’ll leave you with three very different videos Brenda did that will give you an idea of just how creative and diverse she truly is!

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