Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chief Technology Officer/Senior Editor Jacob Henderson: COS Spotlight

Jacob started with COS in 2002 with the very first book trailer, Dark Symphony. He produced all of the Behind the Scenes segments in the early years as well as working as part of the production crew.

Jacob has done a lot of hands-on work with special make-up as well as specializing in 3D modeling and animation. Recently, Jacob created a series of illustrations for National Geographic which will be used in a COS book video as well as used by NatGeo for posters and book covers!

In 2007 Jacob took over as web master for the COS website and in 2010 was promoted to Chief Technology Officer. In 2011 he attended Google I/O where he was trained to create Android apps and he is currently working on an app for COS’ Reader’s Entertainment site.

Jacob has been a production partner/editor since 2007 and does the majority of animation work for COS. He is an expert in video formatting and is responsible for archiving all COS projects, maintaining the database for COS and working on high level distribution of COS videos including all interactions with OverDrive, which includes over 7000 libraries.

Jacob lives in Northern California and works from the COS studio. His wife, Jen, often does voice over for COS. His daughter Kaylie often visits at the COS studio and often runs the office. She’s 3 years old, she runs pretty much everything.

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