Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Creative Director and Consultant Isaac Woofter: COS Spotlight

Isaac started working with COS in 2002 and became an investor in the company. His first job with COS was in a book trailer called The Gemini Keys, but he also starred in our first trailer to win a Telly Award, Mind Game, a novel by Christine Feehan.

Isaac invested a great deal of his time with the legal side of setting up the company, then the social side by attending meetings in New York with publishers and many book/reader conventions.

Isaac moved to New York in 2004 and continues to work with COS in a consultant capacity.

From Isaac:

Hello Everyone, I want to introduce myself for those I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. My name is Isaac Hirotsu Woofter. The Hirotsu comes from my mother's maiden name, she is Japanese. I was born in New York, but lived in Boston, Ohio and Japan before doing most of my growing up in Northern California. My first language is Japanese and I still speak it conversationally.

I've played sports all my life and continue to do so. I am currently on three rec teams: a coed soccer team made up primarily of poets, a coed softball that plays across the nation and last but not least…I am the straight captain on my gay soccer team. This is not a typo and quite a fun story I can tell you about when we meet in person. When I lived in California I taught elementary school (Beginning Acting/Improv), coached T-Ball and Little League and worked as a Sushi Chef. Currently tend bar at a Restaurant/Bar called Henry’s (105th & Broadway). Stop by any time and I will buy you a drink.

In 2006 I graduated with a masters degree in acting from Columbia University. I have traveled and performed all over the world working with the great classic texts from Shakespeare and Moliere to today's new and exciting playwrights. Recently I appeared in a book about the use of the Mask as an actors tool. Soon I will be in a book/instructional DVD on how to play Commedia del Arte. I've starred, directed, written and produced many projects with Circle of Seven Productions since 2002.

I love brownie sundaes, whiffle ball, the Yankees and passionate people who can laugh at themselves. I love listening to Ella Fitzgerald in the morning and Nina Simone at night. My favorite color is crimson red.

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