Monday, June 14, 2010

COS Social Media in Review – Blip

Blip is one of the single most important online video sites COS utilizes. It is a powerhouse for getting your video to a variety of audiences.

Blip is part of the TubeMogul family, in which COS is a premiere client. We use Blip in many ways. First of all it is a wonderful venue and we see a good deal of views come from the Blip site itself. In addition, the site offers additional distribution opportunities, all of which we have applied. The Blip RSS feed also feeds other sites for us such as Blinx, which COS Productions has a contract with and a personalized channel.

The Blip players can be personalized which is great. We have several booksellers and specialty sites that use these and we are able to feed in the videos they want. Some want them all, some want only certain genres.

Interestingly, the top sites to use our Blip player feeds are iTunes, Odeo, Borders True Romance and Bubba’s Book Swap.

Blip won’t allow profiles that are commercial in nature and at one point they removed our entire profile saying the videos are all commercial. Once I called them and pointed out that we also supply webisodic content (The Lonesome Losers and Zombie Today) they agreed to put it back up, which they did immediately. I now have a contact in the tech department at Blip who says I can call him if that ever happens again. Lucky for me…he’s an avid reader!

• This series of articles reviews a variety of social media venues that Circle of Seven Productions and/or Reader’s Entertainment employees across the online universe.

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