Monday, June 07, 2010

COS Social Media in Review – MySpace

We’re really thrilled to be an official MySpace video partner which happened in May of this year. Being an actual MySpace partner has some benefits. Now our videos accepted immediately without the filters most other video uploads have to go through. And if there are any problems with an upload or the content we have a direct line to MySpace for a quick resolution!

MySpace was once the main online social community for COS Productions and is still in the top 10. With over 9000 followers the site is a main staple for COS online social media. It’s a great way to deliver information and we utilize not only the video opportunities there, but blogging, bulletins and SEO.

The bulletins go out to all 9000+ followers, but because those announcements can sometimes get lost in the shuffle when someone has a lot of friends sending bulletins we send our bulletins out on different days and at different times to help ensure the most visibility of our messages.

The profile is easy to brand and you can see how we’ve created our own online presence to appear almost as its own website-

COS has made connections at MySpace with content managers in books, music, film and comics and have been able to have books or clients featured on MySpace books. For a while the MySpace books feature was left stagnating, but we have been invited to come to the MySpace corporate office to get a tour and a chat, which we will do this year.

• This series of articles reviews a variety of social media venues that Circle of Seven Productions and/or Reader’s Entertainment employees across the online universe.

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