Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Media Site in Review – Miro

Miro was created through open source and a group of volunteers and it has remained stable for a few years now. 

People can download the Miro player to their desktop computer and watch their programs like a TV if they like, or they can go to the site. You can create your own channel/profile, which is what we did and that is then offered up to the community and aggregated through Miro. We don’t get a lot of views through Miro, but we get steady views. 

We RSS to Miro from, which isn’t that difficult to do. That way we get the videos on Blip and Miro at the same time, which saves time. 

Tech support is not always reliable, but there’s a good-hearted group of people in the community that are willing to help each other.

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