Monday, October 04, 2010

Social Media in Review-

This site is hit or miss, but we distribute to it especially if we have something that is humorous in nature. Viral videos do well here and the community is pretty active. There’s not a lot of marketing/commercial material that I’ve found overrunning the site like some we have distributed to in the past.

They don’t post who their target audience of viewers is or any other analytics, but my best guess would be that this site has a very similar audience to; primarily male 18-34. 

Given that, we get a lot of views on this site. The normal book video will get approximately 2000-3500 views per video. So it is a good site to use if you’re uploading book trailers.


Johnny Fetus said...

No, no, no... Break has a similar audience to us ;-). Seriously, Thanks for writing about #ebaumsworld and I'll send you some of our marketing materials soon.

COS Productions said...

We would LOVE to have the material! Our clients like to have that information.
VERY impressed to have someone (I'm assuming) from ebaumsworld find and post to this blog! Thank you!