Monday, October 11, 2010

Comic Con NY 2010, coming to a close.

Comic Con NY 2010 Winds Down and COS Productions Walks Away Thrilled with the Con!
Over 10,000 people walked through NY Comic Con on Saturday and today is "Kids Day" where children 12 and under get in free. So, it's packed and things are still in full swing.
Major stops for COS today included the Del Rey booth where we were invited to stop by, the booth, DC Comics booth and a quick stop to see Michael Uslan who we met a couple of weeks ago in Cincinnati.
The amount of video played at this Comic Con has been staggering. It's obviously a pull to audiences who seem attraced to video like it's a tractor beam.  Many booths have video playing and it was great to see some our clients benefit from that opportunity.
Ed English, host of Behind the Mask 
CEO Sheila English spoke at length to actor Christopher Judge of Stargate SG1 fame regarding some voice over work and the two will be talking after the con to nail down details. "Chris has an amazing voice!" says English. "We've seen an increase in trailers with voice over and having such a comanding voice in tandem to great acting will enhance those videos."
Of course there's always the fun aspect of the event such as celebrity sightings and meetings, hearing about new shows and movies and getting free books.  The entire event was a blast and COS has been able to make some fantastic connections as well as promote the new Behind the Mask radio show.

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Lisa said...

OMG Chris Judge doing voice over is BRILLIANT I love his voice heh heh and he's pretty easy on the eyes too.