Sunday, October 10, 2010

CoS at NY Comic Con!

Free books, celebrities, great costumes and games merge 
in this years NY Comic Con and COS is there!
COS Productions is expanding into motion graphics and met with several publishers during Comic Con this year. Highlighting the new Behind The Mask radio show Sheila Clover English, COS CEO spent the day walking around NY Comic Con and meeting increible people.
"I saw Adrien Brody and Eric Bana and my friend Barbara Vey of  Publisher's Weekly got to interview Stan Lee!" says English. "It's been very exciting!" In addition to spending time with Barbara Vey, Sheila ran into author Dianna Love at the Sherrilyn Kenyon booth where she received some amazing gifts given out to the press. 
COS Productions recently released a book video for Anne Elizabeth's graphic novel, Pulse of Power which is one of many motion graphic book videos COS has created and will be creating in the future.
The future of comic motion graphics has incredible potential and COS continues to create relationships with publishers and distribuors of comics and graphic novels.

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