Saturday, October 09, 2010

Circle of Seven Productions Takes to the Big Apple for the Vimeo Festival

This weekend Vimeo, a top video community, opens up their first annual festival and awards show and COS is there to learn, share and have fun!

COS Productions CEO Sheila Clover English attended the festival which opened with a comedy skit about the state of the internet. The community of filmmakers and social media experts laughed, bonded and made new friends right away.

The first session was called Digi Boot Camp put on by a company called "Shooting People". They discussed everything from transmedia to social marketing with video, new platforms and venues.

Next up was a Tip & Tricks for Vimeo session where Sheila found some great tips on how to get more views and more quality views to the COS profile on Vimeo. She spoke with Vimeo execs about a potential contract with Vimeo and further discussions are slated for next week.

The final two sessions were informative, cutting edge and facinating. Digital Rights was discussed by the Vimeo attorney, the creator of "Creative Commons" and a cutting edge remix artist. The long and short of the discussion was that courts continue to try to control the re-utilization of material, but that the laws are so strict they have become un-enforceable.

The final session was on TransMedia which is, in the opinion of Ms. English, is the wave of the future for all entertainment industries, including books. Delivering an entertainment experience across platforms encourages participation and a more involved experince with audiences.

For those following on Twitter you can find out more by searching for #vimeofest.

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