Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day 4 Predatory Game - Christine's Blog

Hi all!

We got day one of two done with the shoot for the book trailer! It went really well and Brian Schell is such a great guy...and very funny too!
Christine helped with the fight scenes and we have one more tomorrow that she will help us with!
This has been a big production with a lot of extra actors, big effects and lots of fighting. Very cool stuff!
Christine answered all of the questions you asked. Yes, she answered the one about Barrack and Syndil too. lol :-)

I put her answers in smaller snippets so those of you with dial up can view them easier.

Blog 1 above. We finished the work for the day and were so tired! We sat back and relaxed a little and talked about the blog and how fun it was.

Blog 2

You can see Christine's little dogs running around and begging for attention. They didn't care if we were doing an interview. They don't blog and were totally unconcerned with my deadline! LOL

This has been so fun! Please leave any comments or questions by Sunday night. We will leave at that time and won't get a chance to interview Christine for another month!

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Maida said...

Im happy to hear you guys are all having fun at the shoot!! I wish I was there...holding the lights, towels, being one of the props... LOL!! Please tell Christine I miss her!!! It was always laughter when Im with her and her family!!

I think someone asked Christine if she will be making an appearance in this book trailer. I also wanted to know if she will. I dont think she was ever in any Ghostwalker trailers. I would love to see her in one especially that she choreographs the fight scenes. That would be cool to see.

This is for COS. Would you start making behind the scene videos. I know you had a few of those and I though they were fun and insightful. It would be fun to see behind the scene bloopers as well.

This one is for Brian Schell. Was the character you played challenging? How was it like to work with COS and Christine Feehan?

THANK YOU for having this blog and having your fans and readers get the chance to interact with all of you. THANK YOU also for taking the time out of your very busy and tiring schedules to answer our questions. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Maida