Friday, December 07, 2007

Predatory Game Day 2 Pre Production Book Trailer

Well, day 2 of pre production is done. We worked all day on getting wardrobe and making or buying props. We have made a smoke bomb (no...not a real one, but it looks cool!) to go with our gas masks that we bought last week!

Thank you to Anne and Denise for sending questions. I answered them in the video above. Semet, thank you as well! We'll get to ask Christine questions tomorrow!

I have to see if my new little camcorder ( I got the new Flip) will work at Christine's place on her computer. If not, I'll have to upload the next set of videos on Saturday when Mike brings his portable editor over.

Above is a little snippet of our crew meeting for Day 2 of pre production for the book trailer. It lasted about 2 hours (you see about 3-4 minutes of that)and we'll re-group again tomorrow to make sure all assignments are complete and ready to go for the Saturday and Sunday shoot.

The thumbnail you see above is of Jacob Henderson who does our special make up, special effects and lots of other important jobs. The main person speaking is our special and visual effects guru Michael Miller. Mike hates to be in front of the camera, so I didn't tell him that I was filming him. LOL shhhhhh....don't tell him! LOL

I hope to get more comments and questions for tomorrow's meeting with Christine and for anyone on the cast and crew!


skye said...

Wahhhh, Shiela! I can't see the videos. *sniff, sniff* It's not fair. After seing those still pics on Brian's web site I was looking forward to live action.

Question for Christine: what's next up? Drake Sisters? a Dark book? If so, who's next? And just to make absolutely sure, Barak and Syndil won't have a book of their own, right?

skye said...

Okay - this one is for Brian: How did you get involved in something like this if you are in law enforcement? I don't suppose you'd consider moving to another police department? 2nd district could sure use you.

P.S. I know you are more than just a good picture and ripped abs, But Day-um! Makes me glad I work in law-enforcemen, even though we don't your caliber of officer here.

Christi said...

Jesse's character went from being a Navy Seal to a cripple after torture, so how is Brian going to show that kind of intense feeling without trying to use his legs? I mean it takes someone experiencing that kind of trauma to instill a believable acting it.

I love the opportunity to be able to ask questions and get a peek behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Question for Christine: Do you find that your book trailers live up to the visions you had for each book, character, plot, and scene?

antleydrive said...

I'm so excited to see what you guys do for this trailer! Love the pre-pro videos. Have a great shoot!


English said...

Skye- I think Christine is going to put the videos up on her MySpace as well. Check there later today. We'll figure out a way for you to see them!


LisaYvette said...

Questions for both Christine and Sheila

Sheila - what is the process you go through for casting a trailer?

And Christine - How much input do you have as far as the casting goes?

Maida said...

Hi ALL!! Yes, its me!! HEHEHE!! What ya know, I do have questions for Christine and COS.

This is for Christine. Do you really see the heroes in the actors that play the parts? Were you ever surprised at how closely the actors are to your heroes?

This question is for Sheila and Mike. You create the storyboards for the book trailer. How hard it is to time them with the music you have. Do you create the music yourself? Do you have particular special effects in mind to use before you plan out the book trailers or do you come up with the special effects as you plan the shoot?

Please say Hi to everyone and please tell Brian I said GOOD LUCK!! I know he'll do great!! I cant wait to see the book trailer!! Love you all there!! Maida