Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Predatory Game - Photos and Follow Up

Our staff photographer, Jen Henderson, brought some great photos over tonight of the shoot. Many of these will go up on Christine's site when I write the article about the trailer. But, I thought I would put up a few for those of you who are following the blog.

Brian Schell did a wonderful job as our hero Jesse Calhoun. I did a little mini-interview with him that you can find in a previous blog here.

I was very happy with Brian's performance. This was his first acting experience. In "real life" he is in law enforcement, and he does modeling on the side. I really thought he made a perfect Ghostwalker!

Lauren was a wonderful heroine but was a little shy. She was able to overcome that long enough to do the kissing scenes though. Yes...she made that sacrafice just for you! Isn't she so sweet?! LOL

Lauren says she really enjoyed the fight scenes the most, but those kissing scenes can't be all THAT bad, right? LOL

The two made a great couple and really matched the character descriptions from the book. Saber is very petite and young looking and Jess is large and very masculine. I was so happy with the way their characters came across on film.

Lauren did a scene where Saber is sent to assasinate a senator and that scene turned out so great!!! You'll see some other party-goers and those extras are some friends of the family and some are Christine's daughters. You may recognize them from the many Drake Sister trailers we've done.

The man playing the senator in the scene is Christine's son Mark. He also played the villain in Safe Harbor. Mark is an experienced martial arts expert and helped to choreograph the fight scenes with Christine. Plus...he looks hot in a suit so we just had to use him in the trailer! LOL

We've got literally hundreds of pictures from this shoot. Some are behind the scenes and some are of the scenes being acted out. Keep an eye out for the Behind The Scenes article that will go up on Christine's site by the first of the year!


skye said...

Hot pictures, Sheila! Are you sorry it's over? This has been fantastic. Thanks for sharing from those of us who live vicariously because we have no life! LOL

LisaYvette said...

Sheila the pictures are fabulous - I am particularly fond of the one of Brian with the shadows - it's very emotional.

Both actors look as if they had a great time on the shoot and it looks like it's going to be another slam dunk for COS and Christine!

Maida said...

Love the things you share with us!! I also love that shadowed picture of Brian. Looks very sad. Anyways, this really looks like its going to be another great book trailer!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! Love ya all!! Maida

Jean said...

Awesome pictures, Sheila! Give Jen a BIG hug from us for taking them! Looking forward to the article and more photos coming soon....
ihopeihopeihope LOL

English said...

Thanks everyone! This has been such a fun experience to do this blog! I will do another with our next trailer as well!


Jubilation said...

Looks like another great BT guys! The actor totally fits Jesse's description.

It'd be wonderful if you did a blog for the Drake sisters Trailer. We love the Drakes! =D