Sunday, December 09, 2007

Final Day of the Shoot- Predatory Game

It's a wrap! We have completed the Predatory Game shoot and are now back at the studio sampling in the footage. We'll go through it tomorrow and start editing.
I have two more video blogs for you. Here is one with the star, Brian Schell who had a slight mishap with his jacket during the shoot that he will tell you about.

It was very fun and very interesting to work with Christine. As most of you know she taught self-defense and martial arts. She worked to choreograph the fight scenes for both the hero and the heroine. I took some footage of her working with Lauren, then I got some of Domini working with Lauren again right before the actual shoot.

This has been really fun blogging during the shoot. If we get enough interest in these blogs we will do another one for our next trailer, which is a Drake Sisters trailer next month.

Thank you!


Jean said...

I am SO sorry I missed out on this wonderful opportunity to ask Christine Feehan herself some questions! Just wanted to let you know that I thought this was a COOL idea (letting fans interact and be a part of the shoot... even indirectly) and to tell you that I will have to watch your blog more closely so that I can take advantage of it next time!

LisaYvette said...

Hi guys

I also thought this was a wonderful idea - it was as close to being there as anyone not involved in the shoot can get and gave great insight into what goes into putting a trailer together.

I hope you'll do this for other shoots as well.

Jennifer A. Ray said...

Great stuff! Poor Brian about his jacket... LOL I bet that little pup was in heaven, though!

I am really enjoying the behind the scenes look. Thanks for sharing!

Maida said...

Poor jacket and bagel!!! LMAO!!! OK, I feel so bad for Brian but Im sure it was ok with him to know the doggy got to eat?? His really funny and way hawt!! You guys were having too much fun!!